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The Things I’m Not (or hi, let me introduce myself)

Blogging is a fairly new venture for me. I have had blogs in the past but not kept up with them and frankly the less said about them the better so this blog feels like a new and exciting project. I can’t wait to get chatting about the things I care about like musicals and dogs and history and so much more but let’s start with me introducing myself. I didn’t want to jump into what will hopefully be regular scheduled programming without putting out there who I am and why I’m blogging now but I couldn’t figure out how to start. The first time I went to write this post it started a little something like this:

me - what i'm not

“Hi I’m Georgia, I’m 22, I graduated with a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing in 2017 and have been working in marketing since. I love musicals and history and am a proud dog mother to Rebel, my very bouncy labradoodle.”

This intro is fine if not a bit personal statement-y or worst, a bit dating profile-y. Then I thought it might be a bit more interesting to shake it up and explain the things I’m not to get the ball rolling. Hopefully this intro to me will be a bit less dull.

  The things I’m not:

  • A singer… you have no idea how much this fact upsets me. I’ve been a huge fan of musicals pretty much all my life and I listen to showtunes over any genre of music any day but when I sing along I either sound like I’m screeching or mumbling, there is no in-between. Don’t get me started on the belting in musicals either, I can’t hold a note longer than half a second and the fact I can’t sing any higher than most men leads me to conclude I am definitely not a singer.
  • A skeptic… tell me gullible is written on the ceiling and I will look up, I’ll believe just about everything. Now, there’s obviously no shame in believing in certain things and anyone that makes anyone else feel disrespected for their belief system is no better than a bully but I believe in nearly EVERYTHING. Ghosts, aliens, the idea that I’ll get seven years of bad luck if I open an umbrella indoors or forget to salute at a single magpie, I’m basically constantly terrified of either being possessed by a demon, zapped up into space or stepping on a crack and breaking my mother’s back.
  • A super slim, exercise-loving Instagram star… here’s the thing, I like to eat. I’ve tried dieting in the past and it was depressing af. Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be such a chore. Exercise releases endorphins that make you happy but so does chocolate so do both in moderation. I’m sure dieting and doing a 2-hour workout everyday works for some people and more power to them but I cba to keep up with that. I try to exercise regularly enough, whether that’s going on a walk at lunchtime or throwing my body around on the Wii Fit (does anyone else still use the humble old Nintendo Wii?) but I do it because I want to, because it’s enjoyable and because I like my body to feel strong and fit rather than slim. I’m never going to be Instagram-model slim but I can teach myself to like the way I am and that’s way more worth my energy.

So, there’s a just a little bit about me before we start. I’m going to see Come From Away tonight because I don’t know if I’ve made it clear enough yet but I really do bloody love a musical. TTYL.


Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. My name's Georgia and I'm a 24 year-old Brit navigating life, both in and out of the blogosphere. I share my love of musicals, books, TV, films, history and dogs (watch out for every chance I get to mention Rebel, my labradoodle!) on this blog. Enjoy!

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