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April 2019: Current Musical Theatre Jams

There are a few tunes I’ve been enjoying a lot lately so I thought I’d do a series about some musical theatre jams I’ve loving that you should listen to as well if you haven’t yet. This series will be especially handy for me since it makes use of my annoying ability to listen to the same song over and over again for a whole month (although, often longer) before getting sick of it.

So, here a few I’ve been loving lately and they are pretty random…

My Grand Plan – The Lightning Thief

My grand plan is that I will be remembered.
My grand plan, just you wait and see.
You better wise up
‘Cause I’ll rise up.
Bring any challenge.
And someday soon someone will notice me.

Yesss Annabeth! I love this song because it’s just a girl singing about how she is a badass and she’s going to prove it after being ignored by her mum, Greek goddess Athena, all her life. You go Annabeth!

I Say No – Heathers

Let me be, let me go.
You need help I can’t provide,
I am not qualified.
This troubled teen is getting clean.
I say no.

It’s powerful and awesome and I’m so gutted I didn’t get to see this song in the show when I saw Heathers because, God damn, is this a tune. Also, Carrie Hope Fletcher’s vocals on this are so strong, she seems like a force to be reckoned with.

Inútil – In The Heights

My farmer was a farmer,
His farmer was a farmer
And you will be farmer
But I told him, ‘Papi,
I’m sorry I’m going further,
I’m getting on a plane
And I’m going to change the world someday.’
And he slapped my face.

This song has so many emotions and I just love it so much. You can really feel the anguish of Kevin as he describes what he did to break the cycle his family found themselves in and the dreams that he had for Nina seemingly falling apart by the seams. This is a beautiful song about a father who just wants the best for his family and takes every potential failure upon himself. This song is also so underrated arghh.

Bat Out of Hell – Bat Out of Hell

And the last thing I see is heart
Still beating
Still beating
Still beating
Breaking out of my body and flying away
Like a bat out of Hell.

Please could BOOH return to the West End? Please? It was so good. The incredible energy that the actors put into the production is felt so strongly just by listening to the title song. I also love Andrew Polec’s voice, he sounds so much older than he is and it’s so effortlessly rock ‘n’ roll-y, arghhh it’s just so good.

I’m Here – The Color Purple

I believe I have inside of me
Everything that I need to live a bountiful life
And all the love alive in me,
I’ll stand as tall as the tallest tree.
And I’m thankful for everyday that I’ve given,
Both the easy and hard ones I’m living.
But most of all
I’m thankful for loving who I really am.
I’m beautiful.
Yes, I’m beautiful.
And, I’m here.

Celie, girl, you are beautiful and you’re going to be fine. I love this song because it have an amazing build, an inspiring message and Cynthia Erivo’s vocals from the most recent The Color Purple cast recording are stunning. Everything about this song is just amazing to listen to and I recommend it if you ever need a motivational number to soothe your eardrums.

So, that’s it. Five songs I’ve been loving lately. I’ll have some more blog posts coming soon so stay tuned for more random musical theatre-related content. I may also have some non-musical theatre posts coming in the pipeline soon but bye for now! 😀


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4 thoughts on “April 2019: Current Musical Theatre Jams

  1. Sometimes I don’t know why I listen to some of the musical theatre songs I choose.

    There are 5 Anastasia songs I listen to on YouTube: Crowd of Thousands, Journey to the Past, In my Dreams, My Petersburg, and Once Upon a December, and nothing else: I started listening to some of the those songs last year. Only going to be listening to the original broadway version for now. I have a chance to see the musical next April- touring to Charlotte then. Don’t want to listen to other versions because of that.

    In Feb. I saw Miss Saigon- now there are a couple of songs I can’t stop listening to.

    With the songs I own- usually, the first songs I go to are Les Mis songs. The ones I choose can be random.

    It can be random which ones I choose to listen to.


    1. Same, sometimes I’ll be listening to a cast album and it’s the most random song that I end up playing on repeat. Once I know a show I always think it’s nice to listen to the songs through in order but that never happens because I’m just skipping to my random favourites 🤦‍♀️😂.
      That’s awesome that you’ll be seeing Anastasia, I hope you enjoy it! It looks amazing (I’m hoping it’ll head to the U.K. at some point in the future as well ☺️).


      1. Charlotte’s Blumenthal is entering one of its strongest season: home to Les Mis, Once on This Island, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Come From Away, Jesus Christ Superstar, My Fair Lady, Anastasia, Spongebob the Musical, Frozen, and Wicked.

        Some of part of Blumenthal’s Broadway lights and some are what they call Extras. Blumenthal did very good with their 2019-2020 season.

        Usually in a season, I want to see 1-2 musicals: In the 2019-2020, the number is 4. Les Mis, Anastasia, Frozen (the one I am dying to see the most), and Wicked. Les Mis/Wicked are repeats while the other two are ones I never saw. I have no idea if I will be seeing all of these musicals- don’t know which ones to get to, but it is is Anastasia and Frozen I want to get to the most.


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