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A Wee Life Update

Hey, my name’s Georgia and I have abandoned this blog for about a year aside from one post back to May to rant about the movie, Midsommar (don’t worry, I’m over that rage now finally). I’m not going to promise I’m back for good as if there’s one thing that 2020 has taught me, it’s you literally can’t predict anything but I’m certainly planning to give this blog more love than one post a year.

So, what’s happened since September 4th 2019? Well, aside from the obvious. Back in September I was working in marketing for a book company that is now no longer in business and after a pretty stressful summer there I quit and got a new job. I started my new job, working for a theatre and events marketing agency, in October and for six months things seemed to be going pretty well. As I was commuting to London each day and had events to go to for work every now and then (and free theatre tickets which was a pretty damn good perk), I didn’t have as much free time as before and the blog took a back seat.

March was a massive turning point. For anyone outside of the UK, I’d say March 16th was probably the day that everything changed here in Britain. It’s not when we went into lockdown but it’s the day everyone seemed to know it was about to happen. That was my last day in the office. I didn’t know at that point it would be my last time ever in that office though. Within three weeks of working from home I was put on furlough which was honestly a relief, my workload basically disappeared overnight as theatres and events across the UK shut their doors. Then, in June, I found out I was being made redundant and the company I worked for was closing down. It’s sad to see this happen and I wish the best for my previous colleagues at both of my past two workplaces.

So, I haven’t actually worked a day since April and I’ve been job searching since June and now, three months later I would love to say I’m working somewhere new but with so many people unemployed and nearly every industry dealing with much uncertainty, getting a job is proving pretty tough right now. I’m in a very privileged position as I still live with my family and I don’t have anyone relying on me. I really feel for those who have mortgages to pay and families to feed. It’s still a fairly anxiety-inducing situation though. My mental health has been all over the place between the fear of COVID itself and concerns over being unemployed.

So, you can see, hopping back to the blog wasn’t my priority because I had a busy job and then it became even less of a priority because I didn’t have a job. Somehow, I’m trying to make that make sense. Basically that’s my excuse for disappearing for a year anyway.

So, what brings me back now? Well, I still don’t have a job but my brain has been a bit better lately. I’ve decided instead of moping, I’m going to try and use this extra time I have (especially since a second lockdown looks imminent) to put more effort into this blog. I have a whole list of topics to write about and I’ve decided I want to expand to writing about quite a mix of things in the future. Part of the reason why this blog is just called Georgia Haze rather than anything thematic or topical was so that I could have the freedom to write about whatever I wanted. I never wanted to feel trapped in one topic and before I took this ridiculously long hiatus I was writing nearly exclusively about musicals. Although I still love the theatre and want to continue sharing that love on my blog, there are so many other things I want to talk about as well.

Anyway, this is getting very long so I’ll wind it up here. Basically, all this to say, I’m back. I hope you’re doing well and 2020 hasn’t been too cruel to you. Take care and expect another post from me very soon.



Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. My name's Georgia and I'm a 24 year-old Brit navigating life, both in and out of the blogosphere. I share my love of musicals, books, TV, films, history and dogs (watch out for every chance I get to mention Rebel, my labradoodle!) on this blog. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “A Wee Life Update

  1. March was the month where everything came to a standstill.

    Everything changed- things outside of my home. Still waiting for Charlotte’s Blumenthal to open- they had to postpone both Anastasia and Frozen, so now have to wait even longer to see those two musicals. Hopefully, it opens in time for Hadestown: October 2021.

    At least now, Greenway walks are happening, spending time with friends, going out to eat, and going to bookstores. Volunteering at my church’s food pantry is the main thing that really continued once after the pandemic started- only the system changed

    While my blog is mostly about musical theatre- I don’t just blog about that. Bookish posts among other things are on that blog.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that, I’m dying to see all of those shows so hopefully they’ll be worth the weight! It’s a shame the theatres are still shut where you are, but at least waiting for them to reopen gives you something to look forward to 😊.

      It’s good you’re starting to get some sort of normality back. It was getting a bit better here in the UK but now the numbers are rising again so we’ve got some new restrictions in some places around the country.

      Ah amazing, I’m going to start doing some more bookish posts as well. I’ll take a look at your book recommendations 😊.


      1. Only one part of Blumenthal is The Square- that is part of Spirit Square. That is the only outdoor stage- now, a group of 50 can attend- all they do are musicians, poetry readings, and comedians.

        But in order for musicals to tour again- Belk and Ovens needs to reopen. Those are the two theaters that musicals tour to in Charlotte.

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