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Blogtober Day 16: My Greatest Fears

For today’s Halloween-themed Blogtober post I thought I’d share a few of the things that truly make me scared. I like to think some of these are very normal fears but some of them are definitely completely ridiculous and irrational!

Blood and Needles

I’ve had a problem with blood and needles pretty much all my life. I can watch gory movies because I know it’s not real but the second I see someone with an open cut near me I get all squeamish.


On the slightly more irrational side we have my fear of mannequins. I just don’t like them. I’m definitely an example for the uncanny valley at work because anything that looks human but isn’t really freaks me out.


Look, I don’t get why anyone would deliberately put a dangerous plant in their home. I know this one seems irrational but I think it just comes back to my general fear of needles and pain. I don’t being near a cactus on the off-chance I’ll somehow do some big slapstick fall into it. I just think I prefer nice, normal, non-painful plants, you know?


Back on the more rational train, I really do have a fairly severe fear of heights. It’s always been there but it has definitely got more pronounced as I’ve got older. I now even get a bit shaky on ladders. That point leads me on quite nicely to…

Spiral staircases

This is quite a recent fear of mine and one I didn’t realise I had until I basically got trapped on one. I was in an old castle and the staircase was very narrow and since it was spiralled you couldn’t see if there was someone coming the other way. This meant that every few steps we were having to back right up against the wall to let people past and it gave me such an intense feeling of claustrophobia. Erghhh never again please.


Right, ok, yep, you might have thought cactuses and mannequins would be the silliest ones on this list but you would be wrong. What happened is that I watched the film The Mummy way too young and developed a full-blown phobia of mummies for most of my childhood. And, honestly, it was bad. My sister used to collect Goosebumps books and I could barely look at the ones with mummies on the covers. This is the one fear on this list that I’m pleased to say I’ve now pretty much gotten over. A relief really because you come across so many ancient Egyptian living mummies on the streets of suburban England.

This was more of a silly post but I find it fascinating finding out people’s fears, rational or irrational alike. Let me know if you have any weird fears in the comments!


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