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Blogtober Day 21: Halloween Bucket List

As Halloween draws ever nearer, it’s pretty clear that this year we aren’t going to have a regular spooky season. This got me thinking about what I would put on my Halloween bucket list. Most of these are for future Halloweens when hopefully things are safer but there are also a few ideas on how to make the most of the the spookiest time of year from home.

  1. Spend a Halloween in Derry – So, this one alone is mostly the reason for this post. I am determined to visit Derry in Northern Ireland to revel in their amazing-looking spooky celebrations.
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin – Ok, look I know there’s nothing really stopping me from doing this in 2020 but I want to make the most of a visit to a pumpkin patch one year and carve a pumpkin that I can actually use to decorate the outside of the house for trick-or-treaters. I do have a mini pumpkin I’ve bought to carve this year though and I’m stupidly excited about it.
  3. Do a 24hr horror movie marathon – Again, I know there isn’t really anything stopping me from this one this year but I want to make a proper event of this. I love the idea of fully immersing myself in spooky season with a themed movie marathon although maybe they’ll have to be a few non-scary ones in there too to avoid too many nightmares!
  4. Do a London Underground tour – This one is inspired by my Spooky History Facts post and I’ve been obsessed with the idea of doing a tour of the London Underground’s deserted tube stations since.
  5. Go on an actual ghost hunt – I’ve done plenty of ghost walking tours (and even a bus tour!) but I’ve never taken part in an actual ghost hunt. I want to really see how ghost hunting equipment works and I want to spend the darkest part of the night in a haunted location to see what would happen. One day when I’m feeling brave enough, maybe.
  6. Make my own Halloween costume – COVID’s put a stop to Halloween parties this year but I would love to attempt to make a proper costume from scratch at some point. I’ve bought costumes and improvised with the clothes I’ve got at the last minute before but I’ve never set out to make a full costume myself and it looks like a really fun challenge.
  7. Write a spooky story – Yes, yet again I could attempt this in 2020 and believe me, I’ve tried my hand at writing a good ghost story several times but I have yet to create something I feel really captures the spooky vibe I’m going for.
  8. Go to a scream park – Ok, I’ve done this one before but a 2020 Halloween means that isn’t really an option this year so maybe next year I’ll head to a scream park again.
  9. Spend Halloween somewhere else in the world – This links back into the first one on this list but I’ve never been away from England on Halloween and I would love to see how it’s celebrated elsewhere.
  10. Bake something for Halloween – With all the extra time at home I’ve started spending a lot more time cooking and baking and maybe by this time next year I’ll be ready to create my own spooky bake – maybe I’ll create a haunted gingerbread house and combine my two favourite holidays!

Let me know what your future plans are for Halloween and how you’re planning to spend your 2020 spooky season in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 21: Halloween Bucket List

  1. I really want to write a proper spooky book sometime! You know that’s how I started out writing actually? I was really into writing horror short stories at one point. But I’ve not written anything like that in YEARS.


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