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Blogtober Day 31: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Spooky Quiz ๐ŸŽƒ

Happy Halloween! I know Halloween looks very different this year but I hope you’re still able to safely fill this spooky day with fun and frights.

This is also the final post of Blogtober so I wanted to do something fun that will bring all the previous posts from this month together. I have written quite a few history and pop culture related posts for Blogtober and I thought I’d take inspiration from them and create a spooky Halloween quiz for you. The answers to all of these questions are splattered across the last 30 posts so if you want to read more about any particular topic, I’ll leave the link to the blog post about it in the answer section as well.

1. What vegetable was traditionally used in Irish Jack-o’-lanterns based on the story of Stingy Jack?

A. Pumpkins B. Turnips C.Aubergines/Eggplants D.Potatoes

2. A giant wolf of Norse mythology is sometimes thought to have played a part in the development of werewolf lore but what was his name?

A. Odin B. Loki C. Tyr D. Fenrir

3. Corpse Bride lost the best animated feature award at the Oscars in 2005 to which other non-scary Halloween movie?

A. The Nightmare Before Christmas B. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit C. Coco D. ParaNorman

4. Ouija Boards were first patented back in 1891 but which company now owns the trademark?

A. Hasbro B. Mattel C. Sega D. Milton Bradley

5. Which of these famous writers has had their skull stolen from their grave?

A. William Shakespeare B. Charles Dickens C. Edgar Allan Poe D. Emily Brontรซ

6. Which village was claimed to be the โ€œmost haunted village in Britainโ€ in the Guinness Book of Records in 1989?

A. Muker, Yorkshire B. South Pool, Devon C. Pluckley, Kent D. Bibury, Gloucestershire

7. What is the name of the famous vampire from penny dreadfuls that pre-dates Bram Stoker’s Dracula?

A. Francis Varney B. Sweeney Todd C. Dick Turpin D. Sexton Blake

8. Who led the excavations into King Tutankhamun’s tomb but managed to avoid the infamous curse?

A. Howard Carter B. Bruce Ingram C. George Jay Gould D. Richard Bethell

9. The Tarantella dance was created as a cure for Tarantism, a form of “dancing mania” said to be caused by what?

A. Miasma B. A witch’s curse C. A spider’s bite D. A werewolf attack

10. George A. Rumero directed which genre-defining zombie movie?

A. White Zombie B. Night of the Living Dead C. 28 Days Later D. Shaun of the Dead

11. When was the last time the 1735 Witchcraft Act used to imprison someone?

A. 1798 B. 1851 C. 1901 D. 1944

12. Who authored the book The Castle of Otranto and is often credited with inventing the horror genre?

A. Mary Shelley B. Bram Stoker C. Horace Walpole D. H.G. Wells

13. Which of the following figures of urban legend have been said to visit those who have seen aliens or UFOs to keep them quiet?

A. The Men in Black B. The black-eyed children C. Bloody Mary D. The phantom hitchhiker

14. What type of creatures were thought to be witches’ familiars during the European witch craze?

A. Black cats only B. Any type of cat C. Any type of animal D. Any type of animal or demon

15. The last of Burke and Hare’s victims was killed on what annual festival day?

A. Halloween B. Christmas C. New Year’s Day D. Valentine’s Day

  1. B. Turnips! You’d find the answer to this one and a plenty more details about Halloween in my post on The History of Halloween.
  2. D. Fenrir! To learn more about the origins of werewolf lore, check out my It’s All in the Origins: Werewolves post.
  3. B. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit! Find more Non-Scary Halloween Movies on my blog.
  4. A. Hasbro! Check out my Thoughts on Ouija Boards post to read my take on this classic spooky board game.
  5. A. William Shakespeare! Check out the theories behind what happened to the Bard’s head in my post all about Shakespeare’s Missing Skull.
  6. C. Pluckley, Kent! You’ll find a full list of spooky spots in my Top 10 Haunted Locations in the UK post.
  7. A. Francis Varney! Discover the story of the vampire in my It’s All in the Origins: Vampires post.
  8. A. Howard Carter! Do you believe in the pharaoh’s curse? Find out all about it in my post asking Is Tutankhamun’s Tomb Really Cursed?
  9. C. A spider’s bite! Find out more Spooky History Facts.
  10. B. Night of the Living Dead! Discover the fascinating history of zombie lore in my It’s All in the Origins: Zombies post.
  11. D. 1944! You’ll find more surprising truths in my Five More Spooky History Facts post.
  12. C. Horace Walpole! Check out my attempt to answer the question Did Horace Walpole Invent Horror?
  13. A. The Men in Black! Learn more about the other possible answers in my Top 5 Urban Legends post.
  14. D. Any type of animal or demon! If this answer didn’t feel familiar to your brain then you can read more about them in my It’s All in the Origins: Familiars post.
  15. A. Halloween! Because you can never have enough, this is from my Even More Spooky Facts post.

Have an amazing Halloween! Stay safe and eat all the sweets this spooky season. I’ll be back very soon, bye for now!


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