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My Blogging Future

It’s time for another little update. In October, I uploaded a Halloween-themed post everyday and whilst I’m so proud of all my posts (check them out if you’re still feeling spooky!), I have to admit I am quite glad to not be writing about ghosts and vampires today!

To be honest, the reason I decided to give Blogtober a go was to experiment with types of content and figure out what I really wanted this blog to be going forward. I said this in my life update post back in September but I was having a bit of blogging crisis in terms of working out what to write about and what my niche should be. I had gotten so comfortable writing about pretty much exclusively musicals but I was scared of trapping myself into a box I didn’t necessarily want to always be in. Sometimes I want to leap into a book box or a film box or a history box, y’know? Weird metaphor I know but stay with me.

Here are my two main content-related takeaways from doing Blogtober: I miss talking about musicals but I don’t think I would have been able to keep up a post a day if it wasn’t for getting to do a variety of content. Basically, I’ve realised that I want to still be talking about theatre here but with some other odd bits thrown in now and then. I did think about creating two separate blogs but I think that’s too grand of a commitment for me right now and I need to take this blogging thing at a steady pace so I don’t drown.

I’m not going to be posting everyday and I’m not going to commit to a regular schedule right now as I’m still finding my feet off the back of Blogtober but I think I want to get a schedule later on down the line.

Essentially, what I’m saying is, bear with me. I’m still figuring out how to be blogger. I’m so excited about blogging, more than I ever have been before but I’m not quite sure what I’m doing right now.

In other news, in England we’re heading into our second national lockdown and everyone seems a bit muted and conflicted about it. The Covid stats are bad currently so it’s a relief it’s happening but, at the same time, no one loves a lockdown. Hang on in there, my fellow Englishies, we’ll get through it. I’m very sorry for anyone who has been affected by the virus. I feel like everyone on the planet has experienced at least some disturbance to their everyday lives so just remember, no matter how big or small the changes you’ve had to make are, you’re doing your bit simply by staying home and being careful. Even when it gets lonely, you are doing something amazing by having the empathy to stay home and keep others safe. Be proud of that.

Thanks for reading this post. Sorry I seem to have stepped up on my soapbox at the end there, I’ll get down now. I’m so excited to get back to regular blogging and creating some fun content. Stay tuned and bye for now!